Do GDI mounts damage the M1913 Picatinny rail?

No. Our mounts are designed to not gouge, wear, or degrade the dimensional integrity of the rail systems. GDI mounts utilize a more reliable and safe mount interface method that positively secures the accessory device to the rail system.

Are GDI mounts only able to be used on M1913 Picatinny Rails?

GDI mounts are compatible with both M1913 Picatinny Rails and NATO STANAG 4694 accessory rails.

Are tools required to remove the mount from the rail systems?

No tools are required for removal or remounting of our optic mounts.

Why are the levers designed the way they are?

GDI ALQD™ (Auto Locking Quick Detach) levers are ruggedized and designed for rapid tactile acquisition under stress during low/no light conditions, with bare or gloved hands. No tools required to unlock and open levers.

Can the mounts be removed and remounted without loss of zero?

Yes. We have dedicated our engineering focus to Return-to-Zero requirement specifications. Our mounts have undergone stringent military evaluation requiring (50) on/off removal cycles during live fire and lab collimator testing without loss of zero exceeding .20MOA (live fire) / .01MOA (lab).

Some users are not requiring quick detachment of the optic mount. Do the GDI ALQD™ levers maintain Zero Retention during sustained live fire?

Yes. GDI mounts have undergone extensive shock & vibrational profile Zero Retention testing of 5,000 round (rifle) / 10,000 round (machine gun) endurance fire without loss zero exceeding .20MOA (live fire).