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Engineering Excellence in Research, Development, Testing & Functionality.

We are veterans at the core—at heart we are engineers delivering excellence to our brothers and sisters that serve. We are aligned in our dedication to build superior mounting solutions that lead industry standards for accuracy enhancement and reliable performance.

We are committed to engineering excellence and innovation in building critical lifeline product; this is our ethos in developing our Marksman Grade Engineered Mounts™.

Mil-Std Test Protocols

Our testing procedures exceed Mil-Std 810H testing standards in all category requirements:

Zero-Retention Tested

Zero Retention: GDI mounts retain zero during extensive live-fire usage and laboratory testing as performed during stringent shock and vibrational profile testing that exceed military specifications.

Testing Protocol: 5,000 round endurance live-fire maintaining .1 MOA Zero-Retention.

Testing Protocol: Lab testing: .01 MOA
Test Protocol Std.: Mil-Std 810F Method 514.5

Return-to-Zero Tested

Return to Zero: GDI mounts return to zero following repeated removals remount cycles during extensive live-fire usage and while subjected to harsh mechanical stresses.

Test Protocol (Live Fire): (50) removal–remount cycles during 5000 endurance live-fire. Result: < .20 MOA.
Test Protocol (Lab): (50) removal–remount cycles. Result: .01 MOA

Drop Shock Tested

GDI mount attached to optic and attached to the host weapon with full magazine, shall have no physical damage and shall meet all Mil-Std 810F Method 514.5 when repeatedly dropped (3x) (sight down) onto concrete, from a height of 1meter and 2 meters.

Result: Live fire testing following drop test criteria confirmed .21MOA return to zero / retention

Shock & Vibration Tested

GDI mounts have exceeded Mil-Std 810F Method 514.5 standards for shock and vibrational profiles when subjected to shocks typically encountered during operator field handling, dropping of weapon / while mounted on the weapon, and vehicle transportation (including loose cargo).

Salt Fog Corrosion Tested

GDI mounts have successfully completed salt fog corrosion testing exposure to a salt fog atmosphere per Mil-Std 810F Method 514.5 salinity. GDI mounts did not exhibit damage of degradation of performance (loss of function) after exposure to 96 hours of salt fog per specification ASTM B117-90.

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